About Me

Who am I?

My name is Michael and I am just a guy who has a recently found interest and passion as to how businesses and honestly people in general interact with our environment that we live in. I have had a taste of travel as I lived in Australia for five months and fell in love with learning more and more about the planet we live on and now I have turned it into a writing hobby, I plan on seeing as much of this Earth as I possibly can before I kick the bucket and with a little help along the way… I’d say that would be a pretty good life to live.

What is this site all about?

Many of my posts will be revolving around the general idea that this Earth was here long before we made the first wheel, or discovered the first fire. Personally, I see a world today in which we have forgotten about where we come from as a human race and I believe that we have lost touch with the natural processes of life. What can we do to change it? How can we make a difference?

From my personal experiences along this life, to issues within the world that I find to be interesting. Please come along for the ride!

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